Status: Open Via Ko-Fi

COMMISSION INFO✸Please read Terms of Service carefully before you commission anything.✸Prices listed represent the base cost, additional fees may apply.✸Complex items such as armor, or complex backgrounds are subject to higher the costs.✸If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me via Twitter or Instagram.


✸ Pricing ✸

Colored Sketch50€65€80€

✸ Listed prices are the base price for one character. Every additional character will be +50% of the base price

✸Character Design✸

✸ 150€ base price
✸ includes one Outfit, a Headshot and a Weapon
✸ depending on extras, additional fees may apply

✸Party Illustration✸

✸ 200€ base price
✸ minimum of 4 Characters is required
✸ every additional character will be +40€